Friday, February 22, 2013

I need to do this more often

Have you ever set up something online and then not play with it for a while.  I do this more than I care to admit.  My blog account, my website and any number of accounts.  What was my password again?  It always takes me awhile to get back into the game. 

Just a few days ago, I joined Goodreads.  I like this place--lots of books and readers.  And I still remember my password, BUT, I am still figuring out how to work things. 

And then there is Pinterest.  I tried to join today, but apparently there is a learning curve for that.  I'll get there. 

I decided to join these places and write a new blog because I have news and if you are on facebook, you probably have already heard. I have a new mystery coming out!  Strangers in the Night will make its debut on Feb 26.  I really enjoyed writing this book.  Possibly because it took me back in time when I was just graduating from R A Long High School in 1961.  And I love it because it has mystery, romance and suspense.  My favorite books to read and write. 

All she wants is to protect her daughter and avoid notice. But the handsome stranger with Frank Sinatra eyes threatens to change everything.

For two long years, Abbie Campbell has been on the run with her four-year-old daughter, Emma. Then she receives a visit from Jake Connors, a friend of her parents, who convinces her to join them in the beautiful town of Cold Creek, Oregon. Jake is determined to help Abbie clear her name of the accusations that sent her into hiding. Being in with her family again—and with Jake—fills Abbie with a peace she hasn’t felt in years, and the prospect of turning an old lumber town into an artists’ retreat gives her new purpose. But then comes an unknown threat worse than all that Abbie has already faced, worse even than the fear of discovery. For lurking in the beautiful hills of Cold Creek is a killer determined to stop her at all costs.
So, look for it in all e-book formats and celebrate with me!
Blessings, Pat