Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mysterious Musings, May 2012


My plan to do a quarterly newsletter sort of fell apart as the past few months have been filled with medical craziness. Too many ER visits and hospitalizations, all related to my heart. Many of you already know my saga so I will pass by all the details and simply say that it looks as though my AV-node ablation has been effective and I can get on with my life.
I have not been writing, but hope to change that soon. In fact this very day I began a new mystery!
The big news of the day is that Ron and I are taking a train trip to East Grand Forks to visit family. My daughter and her husband, Ben & Caryl Lester have moved to Riverbend, where they run Stable Days Youth Ranch.

You can find this fantastic non-profit organization that is all about kids and horses on Facebook.

Writing News

Celebrate with me! I just received word that Deadly Aim, the 2nd book in the Angel Delaney Mysteries is on Amazon Kindle's best selling list. For a while it was actually 3rd!. The very good news is that during the month of May you can download it for free. The entire series is available in a number of different e-book formats.
To download click here your free copy of Deadly Aim

 More Book Stuff

 As always you can find my books on my website. The still popular Jennie McGrady Mysteries are now out of print and I'm hoping another publisher will pick them up. I continue to receive lots of letters from fans who want to seeJennie all grown up and that is a possibility.

The Max & Me Mysteries, an exciting series for kids with adventure, mystery and suspense, for 8-12 year-olds are a favorite among both girls and boys. These are available through me as well as at book stores and online. They are also available on Kindle and other e-readers. You'll enjoy meeting Jesse Miller and Max Hunter, both twelve, who form a deep but unlikely friendship. Jesse is thin and frail and has leukemia. Max is wild and adventurous, with spiked hair that changes color from day to day depending on her mood. Jesse has no real friends until Max comes along. She sees Max as being very brave and adventurous and tries to keep Max out of trouble. Then Jesse discovers Max's dark secrets and must lead Max into danger in order to set her free. To can read an excerpt from The Trouble with Max & Me. Books in this series include: The Trouble with Max, Danger at Lakeside Farms, and Secrets of Ghost Island.

The McAllister Files . . . a popular police procedural series, are receiving rave reviews among mystery fans. I wrote the series with an Oregon State Police Detective, which lends authenticity to the events detailed in the investigations. Secrets, Lies & Alibis, Deadfall, Terminal Nine, and She Who Watches are now available online with Kindle and other e-readers.

Be sure to visit my website. Also, feel free to forward my newsletter to friends or anyone you know who might be interested. Thanks. I pray your year will be filled with time to read your favorite books.

Mysteriously Yours,

Patricia Rushford