Sunday, July 8, 2012

Crawling Into Cyberspace

Actually, today I took a step.  I signed up to be one of over 3500 authors whose autographs are available on "Kindlegraph."  Yes, it's true.  Kindle books can now be autographed.  I'm amazed. Should you want my autograph, here's the link:

I really need to spend more time learning these little (or big) tricks.  Or not.  Many of these innovations fascinate me.  Others scare me.  Some bore me.  But, hiding is not an option.  At least not if I hope to sell books.  So I dutifully have signed up with linked-in, twitter, and of course, facebook.  In adition, I blog, do an occasional newsletter and maintain a web page.  One would think this would be enough, but no.

Recently I attended a fiction writer's class on social media.  I learned some valuable lessons.  Like, sell yourself--just not everyday.  No worries there.  Lucky if I post once a week.  Another is to develop friends outside of my family, friends and writing buddies.  Guess I need to hook up with more readers.  Hello--hello out there readers--won't you be my friend.  Okay--that sounded like Mr. Rogers in his neighborhood, rest his soul.  One I really like and wish more writers practiced is promote yourself, but only once in ten to twenty personal notes. 

So moving right along in with my cyberspace mode...  My next goal, I think, is to get my own author page on Amazon.  Others have done it.  So I thought I might ask Google. 

Time was when I would ask advice from friends--now I ask my computer.   Unelss someone out there in cyberspace can give me an answer I might be able to understand. 

Love to all, Pat