Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Letter, 2012

Dear Family and Friends!

Joy to the World, the Lord has come.  Sometimes it is very hard to rejoice.  Especially in light of recent tragedies. And yet .....

The Bible reminds us that despite the difficulties facing us, dispute the battles and the struggles of life we need to find our way through and think on the good things, to consider the joy.  Celebrating Christmas helps us to do just that. 

I love making goodies and gifts and decorating our home.  I wish that I could bring our entire family together for Christmas, yet know my dream isn't realistic.  So we celebrate with the family we are with and are with the others in spirit. 

This year brought some significant changes--one being the ranch.  Caryl and Ben were miraculously able to purchase a 60 acre property once known as Riverbend, a once thriving restaurant and golf course, which had been abandoned and now serves as their home and the base for their amazing ministry, Stable Days Youth Ranch.  I could go on forever about wonderful things the ranch does for horses and kids and families, but  there simple isn't room.  To hear more about it visit  Their newest rescue horse is Merida.  Caryl says that despite the abuse she suffered, the mare is a sweet and trusting soul and once she is healed of her injuries will make a wonderful horse for the kids.  

The grandkids and great grandkids are amazing and we wish we could see them more often.  We're very excited to have Christopher, our oldest grandson living here in the Portland area where he is in a mechanical engineering program at Portland Community College.  We'll have the good fortune of spending Christmas with him. 

Ron still runs nearly every day and is staying in great shape.  He is on track to record over 1100 miles in 2012 and is hitting new personal records.  He enjoys being part of the Clark County Running Club where he interacts with runners of all ages.  Thanks to our paleo diet, a very healthy eating plan, we have both lost weight and feel better than ever.   

News on the writing front is exciting. I have a mystery coming out soon, Strangers in the Night, as an e-book and will soon have the Jennie McGrady mysteries available on Kindle.  Lots of others are available online as well. 

And here we are, celebrating another Christmas  and praying for world peace--as if it could really happen.  Hmm, maybe it can . Blessings this holiday season as we remember the reason we celebrate. God bless you all,

 Pat and Ron Rushford